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kindwei glass screen protector is trustworthy

Release date:Dec 18,2019 Source:kindwei
kindwei glass screen protector is trustworthy

Customers from Shenzhen visited kindwei glass screen protector Factory and negotiated cooperation. They mainly do e-commerce for foreign trade. E-commerce sales have high requirements on product quality and high demand. To this end, customers have specifically found Kaijiawei's focus on quality manufacturers.

kindwei glass screen protector

Before the visit, the customer took samples to try and paste, and felt that the quality was very good. After visiting the factory, they were very satisfied with the company's production scale and were more interested in Kaijiawei's full-screen tempered film. Single transaction.

Kindwei is a leading tempered glass screen protector manufacuturer.Founded in 2003,we've been dedicating in optical glass research and development for over 16 years.We are equiped with 102 sets CNC,58 sets polisher,38 set tempering machine,40 sets laminating machine,28 sets ultrasonic cleaning machine in two sites.

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