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Five things to note when using mobile phone tempered film

Release date:Dec 17,2019 Source:kindwei
Five things to note when using mobile phone tempered film

Everyone is no stranger to mobile phone tempered film, because it can protect our mobile phone screen, then many people may not know some of the use of mobile phone tempered film, the following editors take you to see the precautions of mobile phone tempered film:


1. Tempered glass mobile phone film generally can be perfectly adhered according to the steps.

2. Check whether there is any problem with the film itself before inspection (clear light and reflection) and then paste

3, 3 years without scratching, compared with the ordinary 3H hardness of the protective film, the hardness of the tempered protective film has increased several times, but the highest hardness diamond can also be cut, not to mention a piece of tempered film, so treat it carefully

4. The chemically treated transparent tempered glass has a plastic-like surface, but it is a piece of glass itself, a piece of precipitated nitrate, which greatly increases the density of the glass surface of the tempered glass mobile phone film, and also increases it. Strength density, increase the ability to improve scratch resistance

5. Some of the bubbles that were not discharged at the time could not be pressed. The reason is that the tempered film and the screen of the mobile phone have not been completely fitted. That's okay, it will not affect your use of the machine. Press it for a longer time. , Those little bubbles are discharged, it is perfect. Because each person's method or method of applying the film is different, it is inevitable that some great bubbles will leave some small bubbles in the middle of the film. You can pay attention to it.

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